Be the premier provider of wheelchair accessible vehicles and equipment in your local market!

The industry is changing.  As an independent local dealer you must continue to utilize creative and unique tools to compete in your local markets against the likes of the national dealership networks and conversion companies that are selling direct to customers.  Your major advantage is that you are local and can have a much more effective marketing program than your competition.  Our program focuses on these advantages by using various creative local marketing programs that will generate more leads, inquiries and sales growth than your competitors!  Better yet, we offer exclusive territories meaning that we will not offer our services to your local competition when you come on board with us.  No contracts, let us prove our program is the best in the industry!  Our head consultant has over 15 years targeting consumers and referral sources in our industry.

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Program Overview

Facebook Ads Marketing

Dramatically increase website visitors to your website with Facebook Ads.  With a small buget we have been able to increase overall website traffic by over 25% per month and has been the biggest lead generator.

  • Daily Facebook posts about your dealership, industry news and other interesting information
  • Target your existing database of customers via emails and phone numbers on Facebook
  • Retarget visitors to your website
  • Dramatically increase Facebook Page likes
  • Great for branding and lots of leads!
  • Measurable results via call tracking and other conversions

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an extremely effective tool that generates warm leads as traffic referred to your website via Google is a potential customers looking for a product and service that you provide.  AdWords generally drives traffic from internet searches who may not be using local terms with their search but will visit your site based on creative ad text.  This allows you to effectively market with national wheelchair vehicle dealerships and conversion companies that sell direct to consumers.

  • Drive more traffic by having your ad at the top of Google in the entire region that you sell within
  • Drive visitors using search terms without local cities to your site with local text ads
  • Build more opportunities for vehicles and other products and services that you promote
  • Expand your reach in your local market to more rural area customers

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Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are the best way to keep in touch with your existing customers as well as email leads you have received over the years.  Always be in the forefront of the minds of your customers and potential customers by emailing them every month with information about your company, products, services and other local activities.

  • We write content, design newsletter and send out to your contacts in your database
  • Highlight products, services, events, etc…
  • Promote your company as a local provider
  • Work with you to build your email contact database

Follow Up Programs

Having follow up programs in place, you can conveniently and quickly send additional information to existing customers and potential customers about your products and services.

  • Automated campaigns as follow up
  • Allow sales team to send out additional information quickly
  • Email follow ups thanking your customers for their business
  • Complete custom programs for your dealerships
  • Increases your email database

Review Program

Having positive reviews from your customers is very important for local marketing.  It shows the relevancy of your business to potential local customers and helps with local search engine optimization.  It is also great for your team to understand if your customers have any issues to adjust your business processes to better service your customers.  Our review program helps you dramatically increase positive reviews on your website, Google, Facebook and other review sites while redirecting negative reviews to be take care of before they are published to third party sites online.

  • Complete automated review process to drop customers into review program
  • Builds more positive reviews online which increases potential customer confidence and increase search results by search engines.
  • Customers receive feedback request via email and/or text message
  • Internal reviews can be streamed to your existing website as well as promoted on your social media pages.
  • Dashboard manages entire review program and allows you to integrate review follow up into your existing processes

Live Chat Service

Many dealers are moving as much as 90% of their advertising budget to the internet. But most don’t have the additional money or time to hire and properly train someone to chat with their website visitors. Some have decided to use their sales people to fill this need. But they soon discover that sales people only cover the site when they aren’t doing something else and many opportunities get missed. Plus, you need to use a different conversation style when chatting on a website versus talking in person or you’ll scare website shoppers away. Our training and techniques are specially devised to accommodate these needs and get the results you really want without the cost or hassles. We take care of everything!

Our live chat integrates seamlessly into the top lead management and CRM’s and our agents are available 24 hours a day.


Facebook Page and Ads Management

$249/month – Recommended $450 in Facebook Ads spend

Google Adwords Management

$200/month – Recommended $1000 in AdWords spend

Newsletter and Follow Up Program


Review Program


Web Chat Agent Service




Monthly Google Analytics Reporting

Monthly Google AdWords Reporting

Social Media Reporting

Customer Review Software

Phone Call Tracking

Custom Lead Forms

Private Labeled Product Videos

Emailed Chat Leads

Free Mobile App

Monthly Fee

 Only $957/month* – $499/start up fee

*does not include Facebook Ads and Google AdWords spend.  Custom programs can be set up for your unique business or multiple location dealerships.